Yorkie puppy Guarantee

Guarantee as following to be eligible, Buyer must take pup for a vet check within 72 hrs after taking possession or is VOID. This guarantee IS NOT transferable to anyone other than original buyer/s.

NEW as of April 5/2014 we have extended our guarantee to 2 years on puppies bought after this date. Please read the changes to our Guarantee

• Some Yorkies may stress do to shipping, change of home or food & water, do to this they can experience minor problems such as diarrhea, parasites, Coccidiosis, Giardia, and car sickness, but needs immediate care. Breeder does not guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes after leaving breeder's/seller’s care. No guarantee for Hypoglycemia which needs to be treated immediately or it can be a major problem and puppy can die very quickly (if you are not aware of this condition info will be provide). Your puppy also should be checked by a vet for treatment if needed for any of these issues listed above. Here at CC's we try our best to eliminate or prevent most of these problems but sometimes despite the best efforts, a problem will surface after the sale.

• Breeder is not responsible for the following and not guaranteed: Distemper, Lepto, Parvo, Corona or any other viruses or diseases after 72 hours. The conditions listed need to be treated by a licensed veterinarian immediately. Purchaser understands the following problems are preventable, treatable & manageable by medication and or surgery and are not considered life-threatening congenital defects. These include but not limited to: ears not standing, baby teeth retained, hearing, patella problems, (this can be from jumping on and off furniture) kennel cough, bronchitis, collapsed trachea, kidney/bladder infection or a thyroid issue.

NuVet Plus supplements all our Yorkies are on, In Southern AlbertaBreeder/seller guarantees this puppy a 2 year guarantee from date of birth, and is conditional on the said puppy to stay on NuVet Plus supplement under the manufacturers recommended dosage for the weight of the dog , for the entire time of this guarantee. Failure to do so will void any and all guarantees. To order these supplements please use this code #79354 for each purchase. By doing this it allow us to be able to track your orders, and know you are keeping your puppy/dog on NuVet Plus and ensuring a good health plan. If you wish to keep your dog on this product after this guarantee you are more than welcome to do so without us keeping record of it. There will be an extra page with all the information needed to order the product from the company or from us here.NuVet 1-800-474-7044 ID Code:79354

A requirement is needed in order for CC's Yorkies to keep records of past litters and genetics of our breeding dogs: Buyer agrees to supply weight when puppy is 4 months or 6months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months, and will also supply photos of the puppy/dog each time. Your participation is greatly appreciated seller should be notified IMMEDIATELY and BE INCLUDED IN DECISION MAKING PROCESS pertaining to the medical care for the pup, OR GUARANTEE IS VOID. If puppy is found to have such a disease by your vet, a copy of the findings must be sent to breeder/seller to have my vet confirm before any action will be taken. Also breeder/seller reserves the right to have puppy/dog checked by a vet of breeder's/seller own choosing to see if that vet agrees with findings. If deemed to be at risk, breeder's/seller's choice, puppy can be returned at purchaser's expense, for replacement for another puppy of equal value when one comes available. Vet must certify no signs of neglect.

• CC's has the right to refuse the option of a purchaser receiving breeding rights.

• No guarantees on puppies or adults that are not our breeding.

• No guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, color, hair thickness, size in pups.

• NO CASH REFUNDS, REPLACEMENT ONLY: CC's Yorkies reserves the right to cancel the sale of a puppy/dog anytime during the transaction or refuses to sell any yorkie to the buyer. This would be the only time purchaser is granted a full refund of the amount put down. CC's has the option to decline the sale of a puppy if it's not ready to leave or for any other reason or has the option to replace with a different puppy of equal value when one becomes available. Purchaser can choose the next puppy if needed. If purchaser does not accept one of the breeder's options they forfeit any monies.

• If Buyer cannot keep pup for any reason, The dog must be returned to CC's Yorkies , we will discuss terms at such time arises.

• All vet bills and transportation are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.