Tea Cup Yorkies. Baby Doll Yorkies

Tiny yorkshire terrier adult weight of 3lbsThese two terms are used in a variety of ways. Teacup was a word originally used to apply to a small dog that would fit in a teacup. Since it has been adopted by many breeders as a term to imply their dogs are extra special Yorkies. In truth the term has been abused applying to dogs of all sizes. Many people have purchased a "Teacup" expecting a tiny dog, when in fact they are just getting a puppy much younger than stated, sometimes adult weight up to 10 lbs.

Pup to the left was born 2.3oz and grew to just under 3lbs. Her parents were 5.5lbs and 6.6lbs

Baby doll is a word that applies to the look of a face of the dog. Usually meaning the dog has larger eyes, wider set apart, with a very short snout. I've seen dogs sold as baby dolls that were in no way matched that description. These two terms should be viewed with caution . Tiny baby doll faced Yorkie girlBeware of breeders using these descriptions and many are not what they seem, and you will be very disappointed in the dog as it grows into an adult. Do your research before you buy.

There are some breeders who breed for the tiny ones, (below standard size) and some do with great expertise, as others care not for the health of their dogs, only that they are extra small. There are Yorkies small enough to fit in a coffee cup. The standard size for the Yorkshire Terrier is 4lbs-7lbs. You can get bigger than standard and smaller.

Here at CC's Yorkies we breed to standard. We aim for the 4-7lbs range. However we often get puppies that will be much smaller than 4 lbs. We call them tiny